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Climber silhouette pendant

Climber silhouette pendant, Sterling Silver 925 – Rock Climbing – I’m Climber


Silver pendant dedicated to the most fans climbers.
is the elegant silhouette, the part of the rock is blackened,
while the remainder is glossy
you can hang it on a chain or a strap

object craftsmanship, excellent quality and strong


Sterling silver jewelry in beautifully finished, great attention to detail.
Made in Italy
No Nikel


diameter: 26 mm (1,05 i.)
grams 3,50

Average delivery time
counting only working days:

Europa CE: 8-12 days
Europa no CE: 10-14 days
Nord America. : 15-20 days
Asia-Sud America-other: 25-30 days

You can not guarantee delivery times to 100%
but shipments are lost less than 1%


Sku,  CL005

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