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Adventure Jewels

Climber Girl silhouette pendant

Climber Girl silhouette pendant , Sterling Silver 925 – Rock Climbing – I’m Climber jewels


Silver pendant dedicated to girls who love the climbing
elegant silhouette,

with strap in black cotton

object craftsmanship, excellent quality and strong


Sterling silver jewelry in beautifully finished, great attention to detail.
Made in Italy
No Nikel

Features :
22 x 15 mm ( 0.90 i.)
1 g.

Average delivery time
counting only working days:

Europa CE: 8-12 days
Europa no CE: 10-14 days
Nord America. : 15-20 days
Asia-Sud America-other: 25-30 days

You can not guarantee delivery times to 100%
but shipments are lost less than 1%


Suk, CL027